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Multiwall polycarbonate sheet will be the glazing of the future.  As such, Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are assuming a more and more important role in the glazing industry.

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet offers remarkable impact resistance, high levels of light transmission and excellent long-term weather durability. In addition it has superb heat insulation characteristics, which offer further cost savings by conserving energy. Opal and bronze tints and Venetian pattern are available for use where levels of light transmission and/or solar heat gain need to be restricted.

Features at a Glance:

Impact Resistant – Virtually Unbreakable
Light Weight
High Light Transmission – 50 to 82%
Weather and UV resistant
Excellent Thermal Performance – Saves Energy
High Fire Performance Rating
Easy to work with and Install using ordinary tools
Rigid, yet flexible

Typical applications where Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is used include:

Industrial roof lights
School playground canopies and covered areas
Railway station and canopy roofing
Commercial greenhouses
Swimming pool roof covers
Storm and Hurricane Shutters

It is also widely used in the domestic market:

Conservatory roofing
Car ports


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