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Starlight Glazing Systems provides a comprehensive portfolio of glazing solutions. We offer technical support to all of our customers to ensure the correct glazing system is selected.


Twinfix Multilink System

The Multi-Link-Panel is a pre-assembled glazing panel manufactured to size for each individual project. Each panel comprises aluminum structural glazing bars that are fitted with multiwall polycarbonate. Panels are available with 10mm, 16mm or 25mm glazing and can span up to twelve feet.

One of the major benefits of the Multi-Link-Panel relates to the speed of installation. This is achieved by the pre-assembled nature of the panel, combined with the unique 'fix and link' design of the bar system. Installation time compared with traditional glazing systems can be cut by two thirds, saving labor costs and drastically reducing any necessary factory/premises shutdown time when work is carried out overhead.

The glazing panels also offer you considerable environmental benefits in terms of their heat insulation properties and light transmission. Once installed correctly, they will not leak or break, thus eliminating the need for future re-glazing projects.

Multi-Link Glazing Systems

Download Multi-Link Glazing Systems
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Skin systems are an excellent choice for a variety of projects that already provide the structure and only need a complimentary glazing system. These systems are designed to accept insulated glass and multiwall polycarbonate.


Starlight Skin System





Structural Systems are an excellent choice for a variety of self supported projects.  These systems are designed to accept insulated glass and multiwall polycarbonate.

Hardware and Accessories

All necessary hardware, fasteners and accessories to install and finish each system is available from Starlight Glazing Systems.

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